September 15, 2013 Simon Whitten

Photofilms by Firehorse Photography

What exactly is a Photofilm?

Essentially, it’s ‘more’ than a slideshow, but ‘less’ than a wedding video, – a hybrid of the two almost, taking the visuals from photography and the audio from…well, the audio!

The examples below are all 2013 Photofilms from a variety of weddings and venues except for the last one, – the ‘daddy’ of them all made a few years previously.

The best way to really describe one is to say, watch one!

Emma & Ben’s Photofilm (civil ceremony & chapel blessing at Rudding Park)

Catherine & Adam’s Photofilm (church & marquee reception)

Dionne & Sameer’s Photofilm (church wedding & Rudding Park)

Sarah & Harry’s Photofilm (church wedding & Swinton Park)

Milly & Harry’s Photofilm (the ‘daddy’ of them all, – an oldie but a goldie!)





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