May 9, 2017 Simon Whitten

End of an Era


Firehorse Photography France

That’s it folks, – this particular door is closed!

After 16 years and 600+ weddings, Firehorse Photography Ltd is now no longer taking bookings for UK weddings.


No, we haven’t folded or retired or even run away to South America, but moved to France.

(The new) Firehorse Photography (Fr.) is alive & well and thriving at and has been as a new & separate business for some time.

So I’d like to thank everyone, – clients, venues, wedding planners and everyone we have come across over the last 16 years, – it’s been great.

But now it’s time to close that door and fully open the new one (actually I did a while back but was waiting for the last UK wedding to be completed).

Is that to say I will never ever, ever, photograph or film another UK wedding?

It depends… I’m concentrating purely on France for the next 16 years and have a pretty full diary for weddings here, but can sometimes be tempted to leave, – try me 😉

Exclusively France May-Sep that is. UK (or other destinations) Oct/Nov/Dec/Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr are all still good!

So thanks and best wishes to all and if you are planning a wedding in France, “bonjour!”


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