Trevor & Andy’s Rudding Park Wedding


It was a day of sunshine and thunderstorms for Trevor & Andy’s Rudding Park wedding, but fortunately the thunderstorm bit happened during the meal, so had little effect on the day other than some dramatic action on the other side of the windows.

Trevor & Andy wore near-matching suits with subtle differences in the detail and tailoring and flowers were by Rudding Park’s resident florist Colette.

The cake was dual effort combining the skills of Aunty Sheila with pro cake maker Poppy Pickering.

A soprano singer sung during the civil ceremony in the Radcliffe Room and a string quartet played during the blessing in Rudding Park chapel conducted by Anna-Louise Haigh which took place after the meal with evening DJ provided by Event Music.

A great day and bunch of people and thank you to Trevor & Andy for choosing and trusting me for this one.

Wedding film to follow shortly plus international print ordering facility available by clicking here, but in the meantime, here are the highlights:

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Rudding Park Spring Wedding, Alida & Jonathan

Swiss chocolate. It’s the best in the world.

Alida gave me a box of the stuff during bridal prep which I then put in my pocket and forgot about until the mid point of their civil ceremony in the Radcliffe room. As tempting as it was, the registrars might have had something to say…

Alida & Jonathan’s wedding at Rudding Park, Harrogate was an Anglo-German affair with the bride being German.

Wearing a Lusan Mandongus wedding dress from Domino, their wedding ceremony took place in front of approximately 90 guests in the Radcliffe room and was followed by a drinks reception on the terrace outside.

Flowers were by Rudding Park resident (her ‘office’ is in the back of the chapel!) florist Colette and the guests were entertained during the ceremony and reception by a pianist.

The gorgeous cake and cupcakes were the work of Amanda Earl at Homebaked Heaven and the evening music by Audio Events.

The couple honeymooned in New Zealand, The Cook Islands and Hong Kong. Lucky them!

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Photofilms by Firehorse Photography

What exactly is a Photofilm?

Essentially, it’s ‘more’ than a slideshow, but ‘less’ than a wedding video, – a hybrid of the two almost, taking the visuals from photography and the audio from…well, the audio!

The examples below are all 2013 Photofilms from a variety of weddings and venues except for the last one, – the ‘daddy’ of them all made a few years previously.

The best way to really describe one is to say, watch one!

Emma & Ben’s Photofilm (civil ceremony & chapel blessing at Rudding Park)

Catherine & Adam’s Photofilm (church & marquee reception)

Dionne & Sameer’s Photofilm (church wedding & Rudding Park)

Sarah & Harry’s Photofilm (church wedding & Swinton Park)

Milly & Harry’s Photofilm (the ‘daddy’ of them all, – an oldie but a goldie!)






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