Kimberley & Rashpal’s Wedding Part 01

Every now and again, a wedding comes along that blows me away.

I don’t always see some of them coming, – sometimes it’s the smaller mid-week one’s that had very little fanfare in the build up and other times you just know it’s going to be something ‘a bit special’.

To describe Kimberley & Rashpal’s wedding as ‘a bit special’ is if anything, a bit of understatement.

It wasn’t flashy or particularly showy even, – I’ve been to bigger and they won’t be offended in me saying I’m sure, grander (in that the Sikh temple hall is not the last word in luxury, but weddings are about people and not so much places!), but it was one of those days when the planets all aligned and the fat lady sang her Punjabi heart out all day.

All day from 6am.

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Kimberley & Rashpal’s Wedding Part 02

Continuing on from Part 01 of Kimberley & Rashpal’s wedding that took place at the Tong Road Gudawara in Leeds, proceedings moved to Rudding Park in Harrogate.

It could have been sunnier, but it wasn’t cold and there were some spectacular Autumnal colours in the grounds which couldn’t have complemented the couple’s red & gold outfits any more perfectly.

After a short exclusive session with the B&G in the grounds, we covered a few essential family groups and then it was off for a costume change for the bride & groom (and time for Rashpal to lose the beard!).

The chapel blessing conducted by Father Ian was as powerful & emotive as the Sikh wedding ceremony with singing lead by Kimberley’s cousins from South Africa.

Part 03 follows here.

Full gallery with international print ordering facility is available here.

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Kimberley & Rashpal’s Wedding Part 03

Following on from Part 02, is this Part 03 the concluding chapter of Kimberley & Rashpal’s wedding day.

After a great confetti dash, the wedding party moved inside for drinks and canapes with a few more family pics and a second short session with the couple on their own.

The wedding breakfast comprised some fantastic Indian food with with evening music and entertainment provided by Jam Entertainment.

Some of the other people involved in this wedding were: car provided by Superior Motor Cars, floristry by Kirstie at Where Angels Play and cake by the bride herself.

All in all, I have attended some very special weddings and every now and again, something outstanding comes along and this was one of those days. All 16 hours of it!

Full gallery with international print ordering facility is available here.

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