February 25, 2017 Simon Whitten

Jane & Tim’s North Yorkshire Wedding


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And that is the end of an era.

It began 8 years ago. Longer actually and I can’t remember whom specifically, but between 8-10 years ago, I photographed an ex-Harrogate Ladies College pupil’s wedding.

That led to a series of ‘ex-Harrogate Ladies College pupil’s weddings’ one of those being Caroline, the first of the Tennant sisters & cousins.

The Tennant family is quite well known in Yorkshire for their auction house in Leyburn which hosts something like 80+ fine-art, antique and collectors auctions per annum. And I have now photographed all 4 Tennant girl weddings. There are no more Tennant wedding for me to photograph!

It began as I said with Caroline (& Jamie), – a church ceremony in Middleham just around the corner from the family home at Neville Hall of the 3 sisters.

Then it was cousin Lizzie to Edd a couple of years later at the same church (and still possibly my favourite confetti picture) and a marquee at The Blue Lion in West Witton.

The third was middle sister Ali (& George) at the family church and marquee reception at Jervaulx Abbey.

And then finally it was ‘baby’ sister Jane. Like me, she has been a witness to her 2 sisters and cousin’s wedding so I cannot imagine not photographing her day and completing the quadrilogy.

That event took place last weekend at church in Middleham and then on to the reception at the fabulous Tennant’s Auction Room’s in Leyburn. It’s a pretty swanky place and was perfect for Jane & Tim’s Winter wedding.

“Let’s see what you make of a Tennant Winter wedding Simon”, was one of the last things Jane said to me in the days prior.

I made the (below) Jane. A lot of the credit goes to you and your families who I shall genuinely miss.

Full gallery with print ordering facility available by clicking here, otherwise enjoy the extensive highlights below:

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