Destination Wedding Photographer 2015 Highlights

Destination Wedding Photographer 2015 Highlights is our love letter to our fabulous 2015 clients and their amazing weddings.

All of our 25 full wedding days took place in the UK (x20) or France (x5) this year with no longer haul jobs.

The latter was quite welcome actually as in addition to those 25 full wedding days, most of the weddings in France were 2-3 day jobs, plus a number of engagement shoots, some family sessions and a couple of smaller mid-week weddings made for a very full year!

Plus of course, we film weddings so there were another 12 productions to produce with each of those taking up to a week. Busy!

At the close of each year we welcome a bit of a break as we are pretty exhausted by that point, but it’s all worth it, – it’s what we do.

And at the end of every year, we always think, how can it get any better, – what if we don’t have such great weddings next (now this) year?

But every year blows us away and it’s you our clients that make it happen. We just offer the service and it’s you that search for us, find us, book us, engage with us and ultimately trust us to produce what we do for you.

So looking forward to what is now this year, 2016, what have we to look forward to? A lot…

It’s a quiet start, but all hell breaks loose at the start of May with 15 UK full day weddings booked to date plus 7 in France including 6 new venues.

Looking forward to it? More than and we cannot wait for it to start as some of the new stuff we have been trialing and refining in 2015 we cannot wait to unleash!

Enough words, below, our 2015 highlights/fave/best of…but we prefer ‘love letter’ tribute to our clients as a 10 minute slideshow (and we would strongly recommend watching this FIRST!!) and then scroll through the images.

Of the 12,500 finished images we provided in 2015, here is our pick (and that was tough in regard to what we left out!) of just 1% of those.

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North Yorkshire Wedding Photographer


North Yorkshire Wedding Photographer is the title of a feature on Wedding Photography Select’s website featuring me, Simon Mark Whitten at Firehorse Photography.

Darius approached me a few weeks before the end of the year asking if I’d like to be featured and whether I’d like to submit a wedding and then with Christmas and New Year getting in the way, I almost forgot about it until it popped up on our Facebook business page just now.

The full article can be viewed here: Wedding Photography Select feature, so I won’t waffle anymore about it here!


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