Sarah & Harry Seaside Location Portrait Shoot

Weather forecast, 0 degrees C with windchill factor, feeling like -4 to -5. Cloudy chance of sun around lunchtime.

It didn’t bode well for a 9.30am start in late March and what should be Spring-like weather…but as you will see from the results, the sun did shine all the way from 9.30 until we’d finished this Scarborough seaside location photo-shoot 2 hours later.

This was a somewhat belated ‘engagement’ photo-shoot for Sarah & Harry who get married at Swinton Park on the 1st June, but for the seaside especially, a good day weather-wise is generally preferable!

Firehorse Photography offer location portrait shoot photography throughout the UK and abroad in ‘save the date’, ‘engagement’, ‘post-wedding’, ‘honeymoon’ and ‘anniversary’ format, or ‘just because’ both to our wedding clients and anyone else that is interested.

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