Portmeirion Wedding Photography by Firehorse Photography

Why is there only one picture above and no wedding pictures from a single Portmeirion wedding?

Well, to be honest, it’s because we haven’t covered one at the venue…yet…and this post details a special offer in this regard…so bear with me for a minute, – it’s a good one!!

First of all, a brief bit of background…

I have been a full-time specialist wedding photographer for over 13 years and during that time have captured over 500 wedding days throughout the UK and beyond including;
country houses in England, marquees in Wales, castles in Scotland, plus weddings in Ireland, France, Italy, Greece, USA, Mexico, China, Australia and New Zealand.

So it’s not like I’m trying to build a portfolio or gain experience, – even a quick glance around this site will confirm that.

No, instead, I’m looking for a bit of inspiration…

Every year, we cover a maximum of 30 weddings throughout the UK and abroad, – mostly 3-5 weddings in France (we have another site for that here), many marquee weddings (we cover a lot of these, – see here) and many many weddings at a number of great venues that we have built up a good reputation with, leading to more of the same.

So in this day and age of Google, how easy is it to get a booking for a new venue?

Hard, – very hard and that first nut is the hardest to crack, hence why this post that you have found exists, titled ‘Portmeirion Wedding Photography’, almost certainly what you typed into a search engine to find us.

So why Portmeirion specifically and what’s the offer?

I have visited the place on a couple of occasions and being something of a sad man, have the boxed set of the original Patrick McGoohan TV series ‘The Prisoner‘. “I am not a number, I am a free man!!” (Sorry, getting a bit carried away there…)

In short I love the place and how often do enquiries for the place come up?

They never do and there’s nothing odd about that, – the venue undoubtedly has a list of ‘recommended photographers’ and others have picked up a wedding or two so have some solid material to blog and be found.

I don’t, hence this.

We have no intention of ‘muscling’ in on any recommended list, simply Portmeirion is a box I’d personally like to tick in my career for no other reason than I’d love to shoot a wedding there.

The offer is a simple one, – a straight £500 off any of our package prices and no excess travel fees.

Any catches?

None, but if you’d like a ‘caveat’ it would be we’re looking for a client who loves our work first and foremost and the discount is just a bonus.
The wedding should be ideally May-Sep for the weather, but otherwise nothing really other than our normal T&C’s.

That’s it, – if you’d like to have a zero-obligation chat, either complete the contact form, or give us a call.

Rajasthan Wedding Photography India by Firehorse Photography

Without question, my number one place in the world to shoot a wedding would be Rajasthan.

Would be being the operative words, – I have not yet had that pleasure despite having covered in excess of over 500 weddings throughout the world and over 4 continents including;
hotel weddings in Ireland, French chateau weddings on a regular basis (average 2-3 every year and many examples can be viewed on our Weddings in France website), hilltop weddings in both Italy and Greece, beach weddings in Mexico and Australia, a converted mill in New Zealand and the Waldorf Astoria in New York. But not yet Rajasthan…!!

I first fell in love with India and Rajasthan especially in the mid 1990’s when I spent a number of months backpacking around Northern India and Nepal and without questions, I was most inspired by the tranquil desert beauty of Rajasthan. At the time, I was not a wedding photographer, – not even a photographer other than an amateur so have few pictures to remember the trip with.

So I’m looking to return to the country and region for a couple of weeks travel and photography and during that time would like to provide Rajasthan Wedding Photography to a couple getting married there on the following basis:

I shoot 30 weddings a year every year and whilst mot wealthy by any means, can afford to ‘invest’ a little in projects that personally interest me, ie, any financial consideration is not of primary importance.

So I can’t do it for free, but what I can offer is 3 full days of my time, experience and passion in regard to your Rajasthan Wedding Photography at our normal rates, but ZERO travel fees.
My plan is a simple one, – to book 2 weeks in the region based around 3 full days to cover your wedding somewhere in the middle. That’s it, simple.

Interested? Then why not make contact to find out a bit more about me and for me to find out a bit more about you.

Burgh Island Wedding Photography by Firehorse Photography

The first thing you might notice is this pretty picture with the stunning Burgh Island Hotel, but not exactly a whole lot of wedding photography.

Well actually no Burgh Island Wedding Photography at all. Yet…

The thing is, we haven’t worked there yet, but please read on as the purpose of this post is to detail a very special offer!

I have been a full-time wedding photographer for over 13 years and in that time have covered closing on 600 wedding days.

I’ve been to some pretty special places in the UK and especially abroad including French chateaux every year (see our Weddings in France site here) plus; hotels in Cork & Killarney, Ireland, a hilltop village in Tuscany, a taverna on the island of Rhodes, The Waldorf Astoria in New York, on the beach in both Mexico and Perth, Western Australia, a 5 star golf resort in China and a converted mill in New Zealand.

So we’ve been around! In the UK, we’ve covered weddings in country houses in England, marquees in Wales and castles in Scotland and are recommended by and regularly work at several really special venues, – in some cases over 30 times each.

But what we love most of all, are new adventures and venues and as such have targeted a small number of very specific venues both in the UK and abroad that we’d like to cover a wedding at purely because it would inspire me personally to do so.

Burgh Island is one such place. I first saw it in a Peter Suchet episode of Poirot and immediately thought, “I’d like to shoot a wedding there!”.

However, unless as a photographer you are already on a recommended list or happen to get lucky by getting a booking at such a venue, the chance of being found is exceedingly remote.

So if you are reading as a photographer who is already an officially recommended photographer, don’t worry, there’s no intention on our part to oust you, – we’d simply like to cover a wedding at Burgh Island and tick that ‘career box’.

Finally, to conclude, the offer is a simple one:

£500 flat incentive off our standard rates and zero travel fees for the first couple to book us with a Burgh Island wedding that falls between May-Sep.


The more info you provide, the better we can respond, so do please tell us something about what you are planning in regard to your wedding day! We aim to respond within 24 hours if not sooner...