February 25, 2017 Simon Whitten

Emmalene & Charles’s Armathwaite Hall Wedding


Firehorse Photography France

December 2015, I received an enquiry from a certain Emmalene C which read:

“I found out about you a couple of years ago when my best friend and I were dreaming of our future wedding days. Before I’d even got engaged! On the 4th October this year he finally popped the question and you are 1st on my list of 1 photographer. I have kept on checking your website over the years I have known about you and your pictures are simply stunning, very natural and not overly posed or staged, just capturing the essence of the wedding”.

Right, not too much pressure there then…

I hope I lived up to those expectation Emm. Or at least the work I produced with my sidekick for the day James of www.jamesstewartphotography.co.uk

(I normally work alone but based on certain time constraints on this particular day, we decided 2 would be a good idea).

Now according to the law of sod, this was one of those days when the client deserved to have all the planets in alignment whilst that proverbial big boned lady warbled in the background.

They did. And she did. OK, it was still a Winter wedding which has certain constraints in itself, but the weather was a gift, the venue beautiful and the people a joy.

It’s what makes this profession for me. Day like this, people like Emm & Charlie.

Full gallery with print ordering facility and wedding film available by clicking here. Also, enjoy the extensive highlights below:

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