June 18, 2014 Simon Whitten

Wedding: Gemma & Jack, Chateau de la Cazine, Limousin, France

The first of 5 weddings I am photographing in France this year began with Gemma & Jack’s wedding at the stunning Chateau de la Cazine in the heart of the Limousin region of France.

It was my first visit to both the venue and the region and a beautiful part of France it certainly is and easily accessible with a modern but tiny airport at Limoges.

This wedding was a typical 2 day coverage affair with a relaxed half day prior before the main event on the following day.

Here’s a link through to that first day with the full wedding day to follow shortly…

Oh and the picture? Jack is a professional footballer, so it would have been somewhat unusual not to have some kind of football link at their wedding and despite the World Cup going on in Brazil right now, not a single guest was watching any of the matches on TV! But then someone found a ball late in the evening on the Friday…


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  1. Amy Jennings

    What a fabulous weekend captured by Simon.
    The pictures will be an everlasting memory for everyone that was present for Jack & Gemmas wedding.
    Thank you for some amazing photos.

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