Jenny & James’s Chateau de Lisse Wedding

“Thank you so much for sending these through and for all your hard work – we had such a fabulous wedding day and we are so grateful to have had you as our photographer!”
Jenny & James

Who: Jenny & James
Where: Chateau de Lisse, Lot et Garonne, France
When: 15th September
Weather: Mix of sunny and grey/dull spells

I love road-trip weddings…except in this case it was more of a plane-flight job with a very early Manchester airport to Toulouse on the Friday.
This allows me to indulge one of my hobbies, – window shopping for watches I cannot afford and will never own, in airport terminals.
It’s a great way to pass 30 minutes or so.

Jenny & James’s wedding then…

Coming from Australia, I hadn’t met Jen & James prior to their wedding, at least not until the day prior when I joined them for their wedding rehearsal with local lad, Father William.
That is local to me in Yorkshire as rather than being a Frenchman, Father William is from Middlesborough.

We then spent a little time on a pre-wedding photo-shoot around the grounds of Chateau de Lisse, a venue I have visited before.
The results of that mini photo-shoot can be viewed by clicking the link, in this journal entry.

The wedding day itself looked promising weather-wise with gorgeous sunshine and blue skies one side of the road…and thick cloud on the other.
Literally, – the road was a divider for about 5 minutes, so I blasted out some shots of the venue before the cloud bank rolled in.

It did clear itself nicely for the drinks reception and never got ‘hot’ (at least not for the Aussies, but I thought it pleasantly warm).
It all went beautifully from there with a small/intimate drinks reception followed by a really tasty meal prepared by Soren the chef.

Below is the slideshow production from Jen & James’s wedding which is slightly quicker to view than the pics above and has the bonus of a soundtrack.

Click here for Jenny & James’s full gallery.
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Roula & Jaber, Cote D’Azur, France wedding photography & filming

This was a truly international wedding with the couple and majority of guests from Lebanon and others from all around the world with the wedding spread over 3 days.

Day 01 was a relaxed evening affair at La Plage du Festival restaurant right on the beach at Cannes with the bride Roula wearing the first of four dresses selected for her wedding.
Relaxed initially anyway, the dancing got a bit crazy after the meal!

On the Saturday (Day 02), we were working at a total of 4 different venues in the village of La Colle Sur Loup starting with the restaurant/hotel Alain Llorca (where we were fed endless amounts of very tasty truffle topped pizza) where Roula was getting ready.

This was followed by a civil ceremony at the local mairie for immediate family and close friends after which Roula left in order to change into her second dress of the day and Jaber led the guests on a walk through the beautiful village to the church of St. Jacques.

Following the ceremony, a drinks reception took place in the gardens of the ancient L’Abbaye hotel with the evening meal and speeches taking places in a delightful inner courtyard.

Entertainment was provided throughout the day by an accordian and a violin player and with singing later by a friend of the bride.

And just where/when most weddings would have finished, Roula & Jaber cranked it up a notch with a late afternoon and evening second reception on Day 03 at the simply stunning Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild on Cap Ferrat close to Nice.

Featuring dress number 4, we had a photo-shoot in the gardens in beautiful early evening sunlight followed by a drinks reception complete with Spanish guitars and a meal outdoors in the French gardens.

Cutting of the cake up on the villa’s balcony followed with dancing in the main hall to finish off what was quite simply a spectacular wedding and one we will never forget (especially due to Roula and Jaber’s hospitality and thoughtfulness in regards to our needs throughout the entire time we were there).

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Kat & Tom, Chateau de la Bourlie, France wedding photography & filming

Kat & Tom’s wedding took place at the lovely Chateau de la Bourlie in the heart of the rolling hills of the Perigord region of the Dordogne in France. We had beautiful weather the day prior to the actual wedding day, but unfortunately it did rain most of the day on the 16th September shifting what should have been an outdoor ceremony, celebration and meal indoors.

But, despite the weather though, spirits were not dampened and Kat & Tom had a fantastic wedding day with sublime catering and organisation from Stephanie the wedding planner at ending with a spectacular outdoor display of fire-dancing.

There is something intangible but so special about these overseas weddings, – that mix of ‘holiday’ atmosphere coupled with location and (usually good) weather.
This wedding was one that we will never forget and one we were privileged to have covered for Kat, Tom and their families who welcomed us into their lives for several days.

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Carly & Steven, Certaldo, Tuscany wedding photography

Last week saw us overseas again photographing & filming the wedding of Carly & Steven in the beautiful hill top old town of Certaldo in Tuscany.

Some of the weddings we cover are large (150+ guests) and some small (20 or less) and this definitely fell into the category of ‘small’ with just 5 couples including the B&G.

Many couples planning a wedding think there might not be enough material because they are having a ‘small’ wedding, but other than number of guests, pretty much everything happens in much the same manner as it does at any larger wedding;

The bride gets ready somewhere as does the groom, – in this case in 2 different hotels.
The bride arrives at the place of ceremony, – in this instance, walking up the central street from hotel to Old Town Hall.
The ceremony takes place followed by much congratulating, smiles and throwing of stuff at the B&G, – in this case white feathers.
Drinks generally follow and in this instance, also ice-creams.
A little bit of a wander around the old town as the sun begins to sink into late afternoon for a few pictures with the B&G.
Then a second drinks reception with canapes in the Osteria del Vicario where the meal and speeches also took place on a balcony overlooking the rolling Tuscan scenery.

All very relaxed and laid back and a beautiful wedding planned meticulously by the bride and wedding planner Barbara Calo of ‘Infinity Weddings and Events’.

The full gallery is now ready to view by clicking here now that Carly & Steve have returned from their honeymoon in Capri.

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