September 22, 2013 Simon Whitten

Jenny & James’s Chateau de Lisse Wedding

“Thank you so much for sending these through and for all your hard work – we had such a fabulous wedding day and we are so grateful to have had you as our photographer!”
Jenny & James

Who: Jenny & James
Where: Chateau de Lisse, Lot et Garonne, France
When: 15th September
Weather: Mix of sunny and grey/dull spells

I love road-trip weddings…except in this case it was more of a plane-flight job with a very early Manchester airport to Toulouse on the Friday.
This allows me to indulge one of my hobbies, – window shopping for watches I cannot afford and will never own, in airport terminals.
It’s a great way to pass 30 minutes or so.

Jenny & James’s wedding then…

Coming from Australia, I hadn’t met Jen & James prior to their wedding, at least not until the day prior when I joined them for their wedding rehearsal with local lad, Father William.
That is local to me in Yorkshire as rather than being a Frenchman, Father William is from Middlesborough.

We then spent a little time on a pre-wedding photo-shoot around the grounds of Chateau de Lisse, a venue I have visited before.
The results of that mini photo-shoot can be viewed by clicking the link, in this journal entry.

The wedding day itself looked promising weather-wise with gorgeous sunshine and blue skies one side of the road…and thick cloud on the other.
Literally, – the road was a divider for about 5 minutes, so I blasted out some shots of the venue before the cloud bank rolled in.

It did clear itself nicely for the drinks reception and never got ‘hot’ (at least not for the Aussies, but I thought it pleasantly warm).
It all went beautifully from there with a small/intimate drinks reception followed by a really tasty meal prepared by Soren the chef.

Below is the slideshow production from Jen & James’s wedding which is slightly quicker to view than the pics above and has the bonus of a soundtrack.

Click here for Jenny & James’s full gallery.
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