L ast week was a busy week. The busiest week of the year for weddings with 3, this being the final one.

I shoot more marquee weddings than any other type of wedding or venue so Sophie & Ollie’s West Yorkshire marquee wedding was another typical day in the office for me…and it’s a great office to work in!

Sophie & Ollie’s wedding came about as a result of a wedding I photographed last year for another couple, Louise & Christian with Christian’s parents being Ollie’s god-parents.
I don’t know if that makes Ollie & Christian god-brothers, or something…

So it was another gloriously sunny day in a field on top of a grassy hill in West Yorkshire, unlike our pre-wedding photo-shoot where it did nothing but rain!
The setting was a sweeping expanse of West Yorkshire countryside with the marquee area decorated (and later lit) by dozens of glass lanterns, bales of straw and a err… fibreglass sheep!Later seen sporting an army officers hat…

The marquee itself inside had an alpine theme as the families are all big skiers and Sophie’s parents even have an alpine themed Summer house in their garden.

Sophie wore Pronovias sourced from the Bond Street shop in London and the groom Ollie, traditional morning suit and the 6 adult bridesmaids were dressed in grey.

Flowers were by Tracy at The Butterfly Net and the car, a cream MGB by Sophie’s dad, John and catering by ‘The 3 Acres‘.

The ceremony at St John The Evangelist in Upper Denby was conducted by the very accommodating Rev. Jeff and during the ceremony, Sophie’s sister Frankie sang ‘Grow Old With Me’ by Tom O’Dell.

The evening entertainment was provided by wedding band The Juke Boxers and the couple honeymooned in Tanzania and Zanzibar.

All in all, it was one of those days that just went like clockwork from start to finish and these few images below are just the highlights with a full gallery (with print ordering) facility available by clicking the link.

If you’d like to see more marquee weddings from around the UK and cannot find them on the site, drop me a line and I’ll send you a link!


Marquee-Wedding-Photography-001 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-002 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-003 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-004 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-005 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-006 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-007 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-008 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-009 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-010 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-011 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-012 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-013 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-014 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-015 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-016 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-017 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-018 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-019 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-020 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-021 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-022 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-023 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-024 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-025 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-026 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-027 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-028 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-029 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-030 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-031 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-032 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-033 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-034 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-035 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-036 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-037 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-038 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-039 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-040 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-041 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-042 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-043 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-044 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-045 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-046 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-047 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-048 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-049 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-050 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-051 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-052 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-053 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-054 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-055 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-056 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-057 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-058 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-059 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-060 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-061 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-062 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-063 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-064 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-065 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-066 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-067 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-068 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-069 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-070 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-071 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-072 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-073 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-074 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-075 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-076 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-077 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-078 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-079 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-080 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-081 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-082 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-083 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-084 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-085 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-086 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-087 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-088 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-089 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-090 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-091 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-092 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-093 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-094 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-095 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-096 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-097 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-098 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-099 Marquee-Wedding-Photography-100

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