October 8, 2014 Simon Whitten

Veronica & Jim’s Scottish Wedding For Two


I say Veronica & Jim’s Scottish Wedding For Two, but it ended up as Veronica & Jim’s Scottish Wedding For Four as V’s parent’s ‘crashed’ it.

In a good way, – they were welcome, but originally I’d been heading North for a wedding for 2 at this fabulous West Coast Scotland venue I have been to 5 or 6 times perviously.

Glenapp Castle in Ballantrae in Ayrshire is a superb 5* castle/hotel occupying a unique position on the side of a hill looking over to the conical island of Ailsa Craig (where the curling stones come from!) and the Isle of Arran.

The weather was a little against us as were the midges down by the lake and it was full on wet & windy by the time we hit the harbour, but nethertheless, Veronica & Jim had a great wedding day.

Highlights available to view below. Full Gallery here if you have the password…

VTR001 VTR002 VTR005 VTR006 VTR007 VTR009 VTR010 VTR020 VTR025 VTR028 VTR029 VTR031 VTR033 VTR040 VTR042 VTR044 VTR051 VTR058 VTR059 VTR060 VTR062 VTR063 VTR066 VTR068 VTR071 VTR074 VTR076 VTR079 VTR082 VTR084 VTR085 VTR089 VTR095 VTR096 VTR097 VTR101 VTR107 VTR108 VTR110 VTR115 VTR118 VTR119 VTR120 VTR122 VTR123 VTR125 VTR127 VTR130 VTR132 VTR138 VTR140 VTR142 VTR145 VTR150 VTR153 VTR154 VTR155 VTR158 VTR160 VTR163 VTR166 VTR167 VTR169 VTR170 VTR179 VTR186 VTR187 VTR188 VTR190 VTR194 VTR195 VTR196 VTR198 VTR199 VTR200 VTR204 VTR208 VTR210 VTR211 VTR214 VTR219 VTR222 VTR225 VTR227 VTR230 VTR237

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