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Abi & Dan’s Newburgh Priory Wedding



Firehorse Photography France

Before we get on to Abi & Dan’s Newburgh Priory wedding, we need to talk about ‘The Child of Prague’.

“There seem to be a few variations on the same theme.

Some leave the child inside, in their hallway the night before a wedding.

Others leave the child outside. But leave the child outside under a bush.

Then there is the question of whether or not the child needs to be beheaded.

This rather strange addition seems to come from the fact that the statues were, in the past, made rather shoddily.

The neck was a weak stress point and when left outside overnight, the clay or plaster of paris would contract in the cold and the head would invariably fall off.

In our wisdom, we Irish decided that a decapitated baby Jesus was a good omen.

Some people qualify this by claiming that the head then needs to be placed or glued back on the body.

Nowadays Irish people invested in their wedding day don’t like to take the chance that the infant’s head will fall off naturally, so customary and savage beheadings have become the norm.

Improved statue quality and modern manufacturing quality control processes are to blame.

Thankfully though it is in his nature to be forgiving and the infant does still seem to confer good weather to these zealous couples.

The Irish are alone in their belief that the child of Prague can influence the weather and it is unclear where this tradition started”.*

Err, right. So the big question, did it rain on Abi & Dan’s wedding day or was the weather glorious?”

It did (rain). And it wasn’t (glorious weather). Take ‘The Child of Prague’ and bin it.

Instead, bury a sausage in your garden. That one is 100% guaranteed.

So back in the world of reality…

She wore Enzoani from Emily’s Bridal of Sheffield

Makeup & hair was by Natalie Willingham

Cars were by Keith Snowden of Ripon

Flowers by Floral Pride, cake Fairy Cakes & Co. Bedale, Fryton Catering for food

Band = The Avalons

The pics will tell the story better than my words.

Full gallery with international print ordering facility available by clicking here.

Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-002 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-003 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-004 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-005 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-006 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-007 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-008 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-009 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-010 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-011 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-012 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-013 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-014 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-015 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-016 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-017 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-018 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-019 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-020 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-021 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-022 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-023 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-024 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-025 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-026 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-027 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-028 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-029 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-030 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-031 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-032 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-033 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-034 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-035 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-036 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-037 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-038 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-039 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-040 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-041 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-042 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-043 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-044 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-045 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-046 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-047 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-048 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-049 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-050 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-051 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-052 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-053 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-054 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-055 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-056 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-057 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-058 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-059 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-060 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-061 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-062 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-063 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-064 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-065 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-066 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-067 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-068 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-069 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-070 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-071 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-072 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-073 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-074 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-075 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-076 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-077 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-078 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-079 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-080 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-081 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-082 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-083 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-084 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-085 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-086 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-087 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-088 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-089 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-090 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-091 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-092 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-093 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-094 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-095 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-096 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-097 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-098 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-099 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-100 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-101 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-102 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-103 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-104 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-105 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-106 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-107 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-108 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-109 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-110 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-111 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-112 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-113 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-114 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-115 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-116 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-117 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-118 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-119 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-120 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-121 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-122 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-123 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-124 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-125 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-126 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-127 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-128 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-129 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-130 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-131 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-132 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-133 Newburgh-Priory-Wedding-134

*text borrowed from Weddings by Kara

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