Kimberley & Rashpal’s Pre-Wedding Photo-Shoot

Where has the Summer gone?

It started well and the sun was shining last Wednesday, but the temperature didn’t match.

And it’s not because the location for Kim & Rashpal’s pre-wedding photo-shoot was coastal Scarborough because it’s been the same throughout Yorkshire for the last few weeks.

But the light was good and to a photographer, that’s the important bit, – it’s all about the quality of the light.

Scarborough is my favourite location for a pre-wedding or location portrait shoot as it’s got great Victorian seafront architecture, big skies, beach huts, covered arcade areas and the only element we couldn’t use the other day was the beach as it was an incoming high tide. Can’t have it all…

October 24th will be the couples wedding day with a Sikh ceremony wedding in Leeds followed by a reception at Rudding Park, Harrogate, my home town.

I’m really looking forward to this one…even if Summer will definitely be long gone by then!

A fuller gallery with print ordering facility can be accessed by clicking here.


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Sophie & Ollie’s Location Photo Shoot

Not really what some might call a pre-wedding photo-shoot and not a proper/full Location shoot either, but rather what we managed to cobble together based on weather, aborted previous attempts and timescale.

I think we did OK in the end out of the murky/wet grey June day and Sophie’s Dad’s tiny alpine themed shed!

So below, some highlights from Sophie & Ollie’s Location Photo Shoot



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Portrait: Hannah & Fraser’s Fountains Abbey Location Photo-Shoot

The forecast said cloudy/grey/dull…the reality was somewhat different.

Yesterday I was at Fountains Abbey in North Yorkshire photographing a location portrait photo-shoot for Hannah & Fraser.

Full highlight set of results available to view here.

Sarah & Harry Seaside Location Portrait Shoot

Weather forecast, 0 degrees C with windchill factor, feeling like -4 to -5. Cloudy chance of sun around lunchtime.

It didn’t bode well for a 9.30am start in late March and what should be Spring-like weather…but as you will see from the results, the sun did shine all the way from 9.30 until we’d finished this Scarborough seaside location photo-shoot 2 hours later.

This was a somewhat belated ‘engagement’ photo-shoot for Sarah & Harry who get married at Swinton Park on the 1st June, but for the seaside especially, a good day weather-wise is generally preferable!

Firehorse Photography offer location portrait shoot photography throughout the UK and abroad in ‘save the date’, ‘engagement’, ‘post-wedding’, ‘honeymoon’ and ‘anniversary’ format, or ‘just because’ both to our wedding clients and anyone else that is interested.

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Frame What Matters

I heard this short quote recently, – from where exactly, I don’t remember, but it stuck in my mind.

It’s all too easy these days to ‘invest in a disc’ when it comes to wedding photography, even from us, but what are you really going to do with it?

Let’s leave the answer to that question open-ended as ultimately it is up to you, but more and more of our clients are going back to requiring the presentation & preservation of their wedding photography either in the form or a book or album, or as wall art, – a series of framed prints.

We’ve just had these ones made, – printed on the finest Hahnemuhle cotton ‘art’ paper and then beautifully mounted and framed by our local framer.

In this instance, they are not a series of wedding prints but some images from a first wedding anniversary photo-shoot that took place in Paris in October.
The full set of results from Laura & Luke’s Paris photo-shoot can be viewed by clicking here

Winnie & Sean’s Paris Honeymoon Photo-Shoot

Firehorse Photography offer engagement, pre-wedding, honeymoon and anniversary photo-shoots in Paris.

This particular photo-shoot with honeymooners Winnie & Sean from Malaysia took place in mid-October with locations including; Montmatre, the banks of the Seine river, The Louvre, The Tuilerie Gardens, Place de la Concorde and Champ du Mars.

The temperature was fine, but the weather wasn’t that great with the promised sunshine never appearing and instead we had either cool & grey, or rain, but otherwise we had a great time and produced some great results.

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Sam & Andy’s Paris Pre-Wedding Photo-Shoot

It was a glorious day of October sunshine for Sam & Andy’s pre-wedding photo-shoot that took place in Paris prior to their wedding which we then covered in May at Castle Howard in North Yorkshire.
You can view the results from Sam & Andy’s Castle Howard by clicking here and visiting our Castle Howard home page.

Firehorse Photography are commissioned for ‘location photo-shoots’ throughout the UK and internationally and further examples of recent Paris photo-shoots can be viewed by clicking any of the links below:

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Laura & Luke’s Paris Anniversary Photo-Shoot

Firehorse Photography were commissioned to photograph childhood sweethearts, Laura & Luke’s wedding the previous October at The Roman Camp Hotel in Scotland.

1 year on and we were commissioned to photography their first anniversary in Paris.

Laura & Luke’s wedding in Scotland can be viewed by clicking here.

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